Open up your world to new possibilities

AFS intercultural are now available for those who are 18+ years old and above

Become global

Live with a new family in another country. Enjoy different traditions. Take time to appreciate, value and deepen your insights about other perspectives, cultures, religions and important world issues.


Become change

Open your mind to a new way to view the world and help others see the world the way you experience it. Build bridges across cultures by creating friendships that will last a lifetime.


Become fluent

Go to a new environment, learn a new language and find ways to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds–skills that you’ll take back home and use for a lifetime.


Become yourself

Discover new things about yourself and your place in the world. Learn how to turn challenging situations into valuable opportunities to grow and become future changemakers.

Go Global Indonesia is the 18+ division of Bina Antarbudaya

We provide high quality and internationally curated intercultural programs in four program suites: internship abroad, study abroad, volunteer abroad, and Hosting International Volunteers in Community Service programs.

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