Despite being the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia is a bit of a hidden gem. Comprised of over 17,000 islands, the nation is definitely on the rise to make its name in the international scene. With its inhabitants’ strong desire to learn and improve, Indonesia is perfect for you who wishes to travel to a new and exciting place with a purpose!

From environmental conservation to community development, there is so many fields for you to choose from. This is the place to pursue the cause you are passionate about in the most exciting places! As if that’s not enough, here are 6 more reasons that will snag you into volunteering in Indonesia:

1. Picturesque landscape
Explore one of the many stunning beaches in Bali, or visit the three-colored lake in Mount Kelimutu, or simply enjoy miles and miles of sprawling rice fields in Java. Wherever you go, you will never run out of scenery to bask in! (Photo credit goes to Rashel Ochoa via Unsplash)

2. Rich culture
Java and Bali might be neighboring islands, but you will find that some of their traditions are very different! For example, Javanese weddings usually hold a ceremonial feeding of celebratory dish nasi tumpeng as their final duty to their marrying daughter, whereas Balinese brides are covered from head to toe with a thin yellow fabric as a symbol of burying their past as a single woman and ready to start a new chapter.

3. Friendly locals
Don’t be surprised if people smile and greet you in the streets; Indonesian people are generally very warm and hospitable. In villages and small cities, people uphold a communal lifestyle and are eager to help their neighbors when they need it. They love people who are eager to learn more about their heritage and are happy to welcome you into their lives and community.

4. Scrumptious cuisines
Try CNN’s World Tastiest Foods rendang, slow-cooked beef dry curry, and nasi goreng, the nationally beloved fried rice, right in their homeland! Discover the richness of flavor in every dish… at every meal. How exciting is that? (Photo credit goes to Akharis Ahmad via Unsplash)

5. The strong sense of community
Volunteering here allows you to help improve their community and be a part of it at the same time. You will gain lifelong friendships that will go far beyond your stay in Indonesia. Being actively involved in the local community would help you acquire intercultural skills, such as communication and adaptability to change, and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. (Photo credit goes to Omah Sinau Gesang)

6. Festive traditional celebrations
From cow races that celebrate the harvest season in Java called karapan sapi to Ngaben, cremation ceremonies in Bali that involves the whole extended family and village, local traditions from all over the country celebrate life with the most unique ways… and you’re invited! (Photo credit goes to Christyadi via Flickr)

Do you hear that? Indonesia is calling for you! Step into our wonderful archipelago and join us on a volunteering experience that is fun, insightful, and impactful for you and the community you are working with.

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