When you donate to AFS you become part of a global community of supporters of AFS in its work to connect lives and share cultures. Your donation will help to transform the lives of millions of AFS participants, families and individuals that share a commitment to help build international understanding by helping people from different parts of the world live an intercultural learning experience.

Why donate to AFS Indonesia? 

AFS Indonesia is a registered not-for-profit and charitable organization. Donations to the AFS Scholarship Fund are 100% tax deductible, and, within the provisions of the Fund, are used to provide scholarships to Indonesian students in an AFS program abroad.

Who benefits?

Depending on the value of your donation, it will either be used individually or in conjunction with other donations to fund scholarships for AFS outbound programs to Indonesian students, on the basis of merit and/or financial need.

Ways to Donate

Account name: Bina Antarbudaya
Bank name: Bank Mandiri
Account number: 1010006719288

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