In the GCC at Home, learners are given the opportunity to collaborate effectively across difference through the online program that requires no travel. The GCC at Home brings into learners’ awareness that culture is all around us within our own communities.

The GCC Enhances Campus Courses and Supports Virtual, Interactive Learning

Faculty members find the GCC guided curriculum, discussion topics and forums, interactive modules, and deep self-reflection a winning combination to develop the students’ intercultural learning. It allows the faculty to stay focused on their content area while also leveraging the opportunity for developing students’ intercultural competence.

What a student says about the GCC at Home:

“Thanks to the GCC program, I grew strong (and am still growing!) in my ability to form and maintain intercultural relationships.”

-Engineering Student

The Global Competence Certificate Curriculum Includes:

• Online modules with videos subtitled in multiple languages

• Online forum space for reflecting with peers from around the world

• Quizzes and individual reflection assignments

• A comprehensive online training program for GCC Qualified Facilitators (staff or faculty at your university)

• Live, guided reflection sessions run by a Qualified Facilitator

Who uses the GCC Program?

• University faculty, staff, and students in all areas of study

• Professionals working in any field who wish to develop their ability to work across diverse cultures and build effective teams

• Educators who want to learn how to strengthen the community within their schools

What a Professor from the University of St. Thomas Law School says about the GCC at Home:

“{The GCC} helps new attorneys discuss their values and perspectives and the values that are already inculcated coming into this profession and how people can perpetuate perceptions of the past. This program addresses implicit bias that influences the way we are. It raises awareness. Moreover, it gave an opportunity for students to discuss their responsibilities as they enter the profession without having to strip themselves of their identity or moral compass.”

Professor Carl Warren J.D.
from the University of St Thomas Law School.

GCC Program uses Qualified Facilitators to enhance learning

Qualified Facilitators are individuals at your institution who are trained by our team and include faculty  and staff. The program design is flexible and Qualified Facilitators deliver up to four facilitated dialogue sessions throughout the GCC Program. The live sessions enable learners to reflect and share what they learned in the modules. Speaking with other learners deepens their awareness of their own cultural identity and helps them explore ways to navigate differences in cultures whether that be during team projects in their courses, throughout their communities or future careers.

What distinguishes the GCC Program from most current university intercultural curricula?

● Field-tested; research-based

● Affordable

● Scalable

● Innovative, customizable

● Flexible and easy to implement

● Comprehensive (pre-during-post support)

Purdue Research confirms effectiveness of GCC Program

A recent Purdue ​study​ on the GCC confirms students’ intercultural development through pre- and  post-program scores of the Intercultural Development Inventory that show students attending a 6-week  program in Florence, Italy attained an astonishing mean increase of 13.54 IDI points, moving from the  “Polarization” stage (where the student group was more likely to judge differences) to the “Minimization”  stage (where the group has been enabled to find common ground with people from other cultures.) See  the study here: ​