On July 8, 2020, U.S Embassy Jakarta with Sindonews.com had arranged an online webinar for students who curious about how to join the YES program. This webinar attended by one of YES Program returnee, Kak Sari as Sending Coordinator in Bina Antarbudaya, and Ibu Emily G. Abraham as Cultural Affairs in the U.S. Embassy Jakarta. There are lots of participants who have joined this webinar and we got much attention from YES candidates who will join the YES program in the next batch. Below is the article showed up in Sindonews.com:

One of the most popular exchange programs for students in Indonesia is the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES). The program initiated by the US Department of State has been participated by more than 1,000 students since it was formed in 2003. US Embassy’s Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer Emily Abraham in SINDO FOCUS webinar entitled Effective Tips to Get YES Exchange Program to US on Wednesday said the YES program is a form of good relations between Indonesia and the US. YES also bridges Indonesian students to learn many things in the US. Emily added that YES scholarships were given to high school students or equivalent, including Islamic boarding school (pesantren). YES participants came from countries with a majority Muslim population. In the US, the students live with host families for 10 months and study in high schools. Bina Antarbudaya Sending Coordinator Sari Tjakrawiralaksana said that the registration is submitted online and requirements include student report card, student list of activities inside and outside the school, and other data. YES 2019-2020 alumnus Bahrul Ulum said he received many benefits from the program, not only gaining knowledge, but also   becoming more mature, developing leadership skills, being more confident, and developing critical thinking.

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