Summer is nearly over, and what better way to spend it than making an important social contribution in a country with rich cultural diversity and picturesque landscapes?

Our volunteering programs are spread in various beautiful locations in Indonesia, surrounded by warm and welcoming local communities. Your experience will be twice as enriching as you explore the traditional culture and history.

Embark on a volunteering journey with us in Indonesia, and get a free 2-day-1-night excursion to one of these exciting attractions!

MALANG: Mount Bromo
This child empowerment program is a short distance away from the grand Mount Bromo, arguably the most famous active volcanoes in Indonesia. As a part of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, the mountain is surrounded by fine volcanic sand, the barren lands contrasting wonderfully with the lush greens. This iconic volcano makes for an exciting early morning trek to see the sunrise in the horizon. Walking up to its legendary crater is also considered a must!

ENDE: Mount Kelimutu
The island of Flores is primarily inhabited by farmers, and you can help them become food-preneurs and improve their welfare. The project location boasts another volcano, this time located in Kelimutu National Park. This volcano is famous for its three crater lakes that change vibrant colors due to a naturally-occurring phenomenon. Due to the sunlight, colors of the insides of the lakes, and chemical dissolutions, expect to see the lakes in any color, from blue to green to red!

MAKASSAR: Tana Toraja
Assist in one of the most basic and important rights for communities that lack access to healthcare. The project location is in the same island as the idyllic Tana Toraja, where you can bask in the miles of rolling fields with stilted traditional houses towering over you. This area is particularly known for its hauntingly beautiful attractions relating to their death traditions. Find out why funeral ceremonies could take years to prepare, visit burial caverns where skulls and effigies are stored in the shelves, and witness the ceremonial cleaning of corpses and see locals parade their deceased loved ones around the village!

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